Physician Perspective

Personal stories of the human courage and perseverance they have experienced in caring for their patients with cancer. The commitment and passion for oncology found in these essays is the direct parallel of our commitment to providing advances in the fight against cancer – one patient, one life at a time.

The interviews that follow are moving and inspirational stories of love, hope, gratitude, endurance, and compassion—stories that forge a connection from one generation of cancer patients and oncologists to the next. Witness the humility, courage, and commitment of doctors and patients alike in facing their challenges and the unknown—not just with medical excellence, but with human greatness.

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Author’s Welcome

Stan Winokur, M.D.


I looked into her eyes.”Joan, I am so sorry. I don’t have anything left. There are no drugs that I know of to make you better. Please forgive me.”

- Stan Winokur, MD


Forty years ago, I could not find words to comfort my patients or offer treatments that held any promise. Today I can realistically offer the promise of long life, quality of life, and the ability to have family, see children and grandchildren, and attend college graduations, weddings, and everything else.

- Kenneth Anderson, MD

The Power of Laughter

What threw me back was that they didn’t seem to understand the seriousness of the situation. No matter how hard I tried, they would come back with jokes and laughter.

- Julie M. Vose, MD

The Smartest Guys in the Room

Tumors disappeared, blood counts normalised, enlarged spleens literally shrunk before our eyes. A death sentence became a reprieve, thanks to the smartest guys.

- Kenneth A. Foon, MD