The Celgene Story

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Becoming a leader in the field, in and of itself, was never the goal. The goal was to construct a culture of transformative and creative thinkers at all levels of the organization, to set the stage for extraordinary medical innovation and achievements for the good of patients everywhere. According to Chairman and CEO Bob Hugin, it is a culture of "groundbreakers, advocates, partners, creators, and colleagues.” As a result, the typical limitations of red tape in larger organizations don’t tend to apply at Celgene. “It’s a make-it-happen culture,” says Joel Beetsch, Vice President of Patient Advocacy.

With this same dedication and determination, the team at Celgene works tirelessly to develop innovative therapies and pursue regulatory approvals to bring these new options into the clinic.

In short, the story of Celgene is one that encompasses unexpected opportunities, the courage to seize these opportunities as they arise, and the vision to make transformative changes into long-lasting progress, with an unwavering focus and commitment to our patients.

Commitment to changing the course of human health
through bold pursuits in science, life-enhancing therapies,
and a promise to put patients first.

Since our founding in 1986, Celgene has been inspired with a sense of passion, innovation, and courage as its bedrock principles that animate it even today. With that foundation, we have become a leader in delivering medicine to patients with unmet needs, digging deeper to resolve unanswered scientific questions, and working tirelessly to improve the lives of patients worldwide.

“Our journey to a successful company included unexpected roadblocks, the courage of our people to convert those roadblocks into opportunities and seize them, and the vision to not only overcome obstacles but to transform them into novel approaches and progress.”

– Former Chairman & CEO Sol J. Barer, PhD