Myeloma Genome Project

"The Myeloma Genome Project is a really exciting initiative that may change the way we manage myeloma patients."

–Gareth Morgan, MD, PhD, UAMS Myeloma Institute

What is the Myeloma Genome Project (MGP)?

The MGP is a collaborative research initiative that has established the largest repository of molecular profiling data with associated clinical outcomes data. Primary analyses of this pooled dataset provides a unique opportunity to segment multiple myeloma into clinically meaningful subgroups.

What are the project goals?

The MGP aims to develop a molecular segmentation strategy for multiple myeloma, with the ultimate goal of developing clinically relevant tests that could improve diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of patients with multiple myeloma.

"The overall purpose of the [Myeloma Genome Project] is to develop therapeutic applications directed at patients [for] personalized therapies and outcomes."

–Nikhil C. Munshi, MD, Dana-Farber Jerome Lipper Multiple Myeloma Center