Celgene is committed to improving outcomes for patients with cancer through our dedication to innovative science and translational research. The key therapeutic platforms currently under investigation leverage a broad range of biological activities that allow for the development of novel paradigm-changing therapeutics. Our areas of active research include immuno-oncology, epigenetics, protein homeostasis, and biotherapeutics and novel targets. Through advances in these fundamental areas, we will continue to address significant unmet needs, as well as provide physicians and clinicians with new options for managing patients and improving their quality of life.


Celgene is exploring therapies targeting many of the immune-related drivers of cancer

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Celgene is developing a diverse array of therapeutics to target all major components of the cancer epigenome

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Protein Homeostasis

Celgene is developing cancer treatments directed at key biological pathways in protein homeostasis

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Biotherapeutics and Novel Targets

Celgene is investigating innovative therapeutic agents, including those created from biological sources, such as antibodies and proteins

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